Things To Do On A Holiday in Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a beautiful place in Spain full of amazing excursions to explore. It is not only famous in terms of history, but also entertainment in the form of amazing beaches to relax and enjoy during summers. With wide array of interesting places to visit, make sure you plan your visit to Costa Brava to make the most of your holiday experience.

  1. Vila Vella, Tossa de Mar

This is the one and only fortified medieval period town located at the coast of Catalonia. It was in fact a declared an artistic and historic national monument in the year 1931. Within the town, there is a world famous Castle of Tossa de Mar. This is one of the most famous touristy place. It is full of cafes, shops, and other interesting places. In fact, it still retains its medieval charm being one of the factors for tourists visiting the place from all over the world. .

Built in 12th and 14th century, the fortification incorporates large cylindrical walls and towers. The castle was located in the close vicinity of the lighthouse. However, only some remains are to be seen today. On the other hand, the gothic parish has been nicely conserved.

  1. Camino de Ronda in S’Agaró

If you are looking for an exciting day out, this is an ideal place to visit. Along your way, you will find beautiful landscapes and clear views of Mediterranean sea. It is a long walk and you can plan it in sections. On your journey, you will pass through various points where you will see beautiful and enchanting beaches and bays. The journey is itself much better than the destination.

  1. Jardín Botánico Marimurtra de Blanes

This world famous botanical garden – Jardin Marimurtra was created during the twentieth century by Karl Faust- an entrepreneur. It was founded by the builder on the land he acquired to recreate different kinds of ecosystems. His efforts earned him the honorable title of “best Mediterranean botanical garden in Europe”. The garden is located in the mountains. It features beautiful and enchanting views of the clear sea. It includes more than 4000 distinct species of flora.

4.Casa Museo de Dalí, Cadaqués

The Casa Dalí House Museumí should be on the top of your excursion activities’ list. Dali lived in this house with his dear wife for a major period of his life. You will discover the essence of how they made their living in this house. The structure of the home features a large number of surreal elements that makes it incredibly unique and worth visiting. You will feel inspired with each step you take as you know the day to day life of the Catalan artist.

  1. Cementerio Modernista de Lloret

This one is a bit different from any other tourist attraction that you see in Costa Brava. It is one of the hidden gems of the country not just for tourists, but also for many locals. The Lloret was built during the 19th century during Catalan Modernism movement. If you enjoy modernism and do not feel creeped out with cemeteries, you will be able to spend some good time amongst these wonderfully established modernist mausoleums and enjoy the life.