The idea is to get used to having a full day to yourself. They carry an array of notebooks and something for everyone. I wanted the best of both worlds…to support my family and be the owner of my own business.


Why Try How Sales People Stay Organized Fool Ourselves?

Presenting to a group is fraught with uncertainty. If you want to know exactly what will happen at every moment, you’d be better off hiding in the closet. Here’s the secret for feeling confident in every situation…

I now set goals each week for my writing. I used to write when I felt like it and when my other chores were done. Using this attitude, not much writing got published. Now writing these articles is put into my Day Planners. If I am busy all day, I write late at night when it is quiet. I ask my husband to help me with household chores, so I can have more time to write. Make your goals for the week reasonable.

If you work heavy hours, then perhaps writing one article a week is a reasonable writing plan. When you have more time, write more articles.




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List all the medications your parent is taking. You need to know the name, dosage, frequency, form (pill, liquid, etc.) and color, if there is a generic substitute, when it was started, and doctors’ contact information. Be sure to include vitamins, over the counter drugs, and herbal supplements on the list. Update the list with every change as new drugs are added and old ones are stopped.

Let’s recap. There are really only three actual steps. Create a master list (which you can add and subtract from to your heart’s content). Use the master list to create a weekly list, one week at a time. Use your weekly list to schedule each day, the evening before.

How many times do you make the same trip twice? (i.e. running errands in the same area of town, going to the store more than once.) How much time could positive planning free up if these trips were consolidated?

12.Write down all of your standard information on a separate sheet of paper, and take it with you when you apply for a position. Such things would include past job contact information, dates of hire, personal references, etc. If you are required to fill out the application in the employer’s office, you will then have all of the information that you need, and can complete it quickly and completely.



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And you want to Goal Setting yourself aside from the competition, you don’t want to just be another person whose selling the same old thing. You have to create a hook for yourself, make yourself unique and stand out from the crowd. Meaning, you’ve got to be in the crowd of sellers but what makes you different and why should people buy from you?

Sit down with your balance wheel, goals and schedules on a regular basis. Make a new balance wheel based on what you have done over the last month or week. Are you getting closer to your goals? If so, continue on the same track. If not, double back and look for steps you may have skipped in the process.

Google+ Network Profile URL and Google Plus Shortener – Get Ready For Google Plus. If I need takeaway food or a taxi, when the regular suppliers are unavailable; I search for indian takeaway or taxi online (frequently using my internet capable mobile phone) and find out what appears first… and I don t often go past the first page of results! There are, using the example just given, about 1.5 million listings for Indian takeaway.

I was fortunate to figure this out early in my business life. I was starting my first business while still in college. As a business major I was taking as many courses as possible including an advanced accounting course. As a young business owner, I knew that I had to understand accounting but I also realized that I didn’t like it. My strengths have always been in developing and executing business and marketing plans and the accounting hat is an uncomfortable fit on me.

Mr. Foster’s main message was that the University is in good financial health due in large part to strategy planner by the Board of Trustees and the school’s President, Dr. Ronald Carter.

Do you have to do everything so often? If you are cleaning your home once a week, top to bottom, could that be done once a month and spot cleaning be done weekly? If your time is being devoured by items that are low or nonexistent on your balance wheel, consider deleting or simplifying those tasks. Could you go to the grocery store monthly for the bulk of your food and just drop in weekly for perishables? If financial considerations prevent monthly trips to the grocery store, consider making this a goal to work toward.

List and understand possible interactions. There are different types of interactions to be aware of. Ask about over the counter medications for cold, fever, pain, etc. Find out if there are any foods to be avoided while taking any drug. Is it OK to drink alcohol? Caffeine? What about herbal supplements?

Create a Mission Statement For Your Career – A mission statement is a paragraph that describes where you’re heading or going to achieve, and how long will it take to achieve it. Your mission statement can be meant for a year, or for 3 to 5 years. I’ll advise you to start with 1 year timeline for a start, and gradually progress to a longer term once you get the hang of it.

Waiting in the reception room? Standing in line? Use this time to your advantage. Make a phone call, read the newspaper or even take a few moments to breathe and reflect upon your day.